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Compliance is about prevention and managinmg your compliance risk.


The purpose of governance is to ensure that your organization is compliant with laws, pursuing the vision of the owners, continuously monitoring performance, and evaluating results.

Risk Management

Risk management requires a business to identify, analyze, and have process in place to control risks. There are three categories of risk: preventable risks, strategy risks, and external risks.


Compliance is important to your business because it protects your brand image, ensures that you are following regulatory requirements, and ensures that employees are following the company's policies.

Our compliance program develops, implements, and helps you identify, then mitigate risk.

The world is changing, both in laws, also in the technology that we use. The attitudes of employee's as well as the ethics drive parts of the risks that you face. As a startup, the best strategy that you can implement is a governance, risk, and compliance program (GRC.) As a business that has been around for years or a hundred years, creating and implementing a GRC sooner than later is your best course of action. Our Associates have over thirty years of experience helping business owners with risk management.

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The Corporation Associates Guide to Risk Management and Compliance.

Discover a way to manage risk within your business. Our guide discusses compliance processes that can be used for your employees to adhere to.

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